“Casserole of Roast Chicken with Herbs” from “Easy”

Maureen: Hooray. This is our last recipe from “Easy,” which has been a disappointment from start to finish. This recipe had its share of problems too.

Andrew (11): What’s in here?

Maureen: Leftover chicken from the other night, mushrooms, carrots, onions, garlic, celery, tomatoes and a bunch of herbs. What do you think?

Andrew: It’s alright. It’s not brilliant, but it’s alright.

Nicholas (8): I agree.

Tim: I like it, but I’m inclined to like meals like this because it’s like a stew.

Maureen: Do you like it a lot or a little?

Tim: I would eat it again. I think it’s like a pot pie without the pastry.

Maureen: No, I don’t agree with that description. I think it’s more like a gumbo without the shrimp or the sausage. The good thing about this is we were able to use up all manner of vegetables from the bottom of the vegetable drawer, as well as use up the leftover roast chicken. That’s a result, I think.

Tim: You’re right. It is like a gumbo.

Maureen: I would make it again, but I wouldn’t follow this recipe. For that matter, I didn’t even follow the recipe this time once I saw that he called for a whopping 250 milliliters of vegetable oil to fry the onions and carrots in. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Tim: Maybe it was a typo and it should have been 25 milliliters.

Maureen: That would make more sense, since you were also frying them in 40 grams of butter. But there were other typos in the listing as well.

Tim: Wow. Bad copy editing. I hope no one has used 250 milliliters. They’d be at risk of a heart attack. I wonder what his liability would be.

Maureen: At the moment, he’s liable for writing not a great cookbook.

Cook’s Notes: As noted above, I completely disregarded the call for 250ml of vegetable oil. It must have been a typo, since there were other typos in the listing of ingredients as well. I also disregarded his call for 450 ml of white wine, and only did 250 ml. He also said to add 1.5 litres of chicken stock, but it seemed to me by adding that much I’d be making a soup, not a casserole. Since it was what passes for a summer day in England these days (Sunny at least, but only 20C), I didn’t want a soup, so I didn’t add that much, I only added 250 ml. I’m sorry to say that this recipe had major flaws in it. It was an unfortunate way to end the month, but then again, this cookbook is headed to the charity shop anyway, so maybe it only confirms my opinion that “Easy” didn’t really work.

“Casserole of Roast Chicken with Herbs” from “Easy”

3 thoughts on ““Casserole of Roast Chicken with Herbs” from “Easy”

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      Wow. Impressive fan memory there.

      Yes, I am opposed to stews in general, but chicken is OK. It’s any sort of stringy beef or lamb that forces me to return to my 11-year-old self and refuse to eat it. Yuck.

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