“Lamb provencal with Five Herbs” from “Easy”

Anna: I am so glad this meal is over. I couldn’t be bothered to even eat it. But I think I lost weight preparing it.

Kirstin: It took an hour an a half to chop and fry all those vegetables.

Anna: And that was with two people doing it! Think how long it would have taken one of us on our own. I don’t think it was very Provencale, either.

Kirstin: There’s no coriander in Provencale food.

Anna: There was that. But the whole thing is, it should be rustic and easy. You should be chopping, putting things in the oven, and instead each vegetable has its own 20 minute step — and at the end of it all, you don’t even put the vegetables in the oven with the meat!

Tom: I did like the onions though. And the peppers.

Anna: I think the onions were the best bit.

Peter: I’m not really a massive fan of greasy vegetables.

Kirstin: And I used much less olive oil than he told me to. That wasn’t easy at all, it was difficult. Twice as much effort as it needed to be. He wanted 200ml of oil just to fry the aubergines.

Anna: I felt like it was lacking something. It needed something like a salsa verde, something to bring it together. It was like two separate parts, the meat and veg, but it wasn’t roasted together.

Kirstin: The meat was sensational.

Anna: But it was nothing to do with this recipe. The marinade wasn’t even a marinade. It was just olive, garlic and a few herbs. And you couldn’t taste it on the meat really. How much olive oil was that? 150ml, or something obscene?

Kirstin: 150ml. How much oil does this recipe use in all? If I add it up… 650ml it says here. Ooooh!

Anna: That’s obscene.

Kirstin: See? This book should be called “Oily”.

“Lamb provencal with Five Herbs” from “Easy”

2 thoughts on ““Lamb provencal with Five Herbs” from “Easy”

  1. Erin Akerson says:

    Oh finally you guys cooked . I was having withdrawals . Well having you together was a fun bonus . Hope you have a great trip . Hello to all !!

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