“New York Cheesecake” from “Easy”

Maureen: Tonight we’re having New York Cheesecake. I figured it was the perfect time to do it, since we have a born-and-bred New Yorker (The Bronx, since you asked) to test it. What do you think, New Yorker?

Tom: I think it’s absolutely good.

Maureen: I’m not convinced by the crust. It’s not a traditional New York cheesecake crust. This is a cake layer, whereas all the other New York cheesecakes I’ve had in the past had a more crumbly layer, made out of graham crackers. Of course, you can’t get graham crackers here, so you have to use digestives. But they’re an excellent substitute.

Tom: Yes, this is a different kind of crust, but it’s good. It’s got a nice chocolate flavour.

Maureen: But it’s not what you would expect to have when having New York cheesecake, or indeed, cheesecake in New York.

Tom: No, but it’s good.

Nicholas (8): The cheese on top is like jelly. You can move it with your finger [moving it around his plate with his finger to demonstrate.]

Andrew (11): But polite people wouldn’t move it around with their finger.

Nicholas: I would have said it was bad if the chocolate wasn’t there. So it’s in the middle.

Maureen: Do you mean you didn’t like it?

Nicholas: I didn’t want to say..

Maureen: So that means yes.

Nicholas: No, it doesn’t mean anything.

Andrew: It’s a bit on the rich side, but on the whole, very good.

Tim: It’s not as rich as other cheesecakes. I like the little flakes of vanilla. They were like vanilla explosions in my mouth.

Maureen: Let me tell you, those flakes of vanilla were lovingly extracted from the pod.

Tim: That’s what I mean. I could taste the effort involved.

Julia (not a native New Yorker, but a native New Jerseyean, which is very close): A New York cheesecake wouldn’t have that thick of a crust. It’s very nice. But it’s too thick. It’s a very nice dessert, but I wouldn’t call it New York cheesecake.

“New York Cheesecake” from “Easy”

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