“Baked Eggs with Ham and Parmesan” from “Easy”

Peter: I do like a baked egg.

Anna: So do I. I’m always drawn to recipes for baked eggs. I don’t actually make them that often though. Now I remember why.

Peter: You got a bit frustrated trying to get them cooked properly didn’t you?

Anna: Just a little. It seems to be a nirvana, the baked egg that has a wobbly yolk but properly cooked whites. Instead the yolk got over-cooked but we’ve still got yucky uncooked bits of white floating around.

Peter: How long were they supposed to be in the oven for?

Anna: The recipe says 10 minutes. But after that amount of time they were definitely not cooked. After 5 more minutes I think they would have been fine for you but mine needed at least another five, and still there they were, the globs of white.

Peter: I liked them a lot though.

Anna: Yes, they are delicious.

Peter: Do they have lemon in them?

Anna: It’s the creme fraiche. It gives a lovely contrast to the saltiness of the parma ham. Cream would have been too rich.

Peter: They do feel very indulgent. Is it wrong that I’ve had two?

Anna: It’s Sunday, you’re allowed to indulge yourself.

“Baked Eggs with Ham and Parmesan” from “Easy”

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