“Quick chocolate mousse” from “Easy”

Tom: Well, it’s definitely chocolate mousse, but was it quick?

Kirstin: No. I had to make a custard. I’ve never made a custard before! And he doesn’t say, but people who make custards must know this, you are supposed to keep stirring it. So bits of it went all horrible and scrambled eggsy. Although I did get to use my cooking thermometer, which is always exciting. Also, he says it’s enough for four, but it was enough for an army! I’ve got eight chocolate mousses in the fridge!

Tom: Well, you know I like chocolate mousse. When I was a teenager I had dinner in a restaurant in Paris with my parents, and I ordered chocolate mousse for dessert. The dessert trolley arrived and they put this enormous chocolate mousse on the table. So I ate it all. It took a while, but it was really good. Then I realised that I was meant to have helped myself to a bit of it, and put the bowl back onto the trolley. They were a bit shocked that I’d eaten it all. Obviously we English have no manners. But I do like a bit of chocolate mousse! I have to say, I preferred this one when we were licking the bowl. It was really fantastic. It wasn’t so good after it had been refrigerated and had set.

Kirstin: Two recipes in, and already there are timing and quantity issues. We’re going to have to be careful with the rest of this book.

“Quick chocolate mousse” from “Easy”

2 thoughts on ““Quick chocolate mousse” from “Easy”

  1. what do you mean you had never made a custard before :shock:???? You must be kidding! I have to admit that I haven’t made a proper one for ages either, but I do make eggless custard which is lighter and even easier.
    Chocolate mousse is always yum although I don’t think that I could eat a whole bowl as Tom did… 😀

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