“Spatchcocked poussins with lemon, green olives and rosemary” from “Easy”

Kirstin: You should never miss the opportunity to use the word “spatchcock”. I love the word “spatchcock”.

Tom: For my part I am very keen on the word “crepuscular”. I never miss an opportunity to use that word.

Kirstin: I can’t even say it. What does it mean?

Tom: Crepuscular animals are those active mainly at twilight, such as guinea pigs. And photographers!

Kirstin: Yes, I’m active at twilight. These pictures I’m taking are crepuscular, bokeh salad and all…

Tom: Well, technically the sun hasn’t set yet. So we’re talking about the blue hour.

Kirstin: I am a crepuscular photographer. Right, let’s go back to the food. That’s enough crepuscularing.

Tom: I’m not sure that’s a word. But yes. Anyway, the food was yum!

Kirstin: But it did not take 20 minutes to roast the poussins in the oven. Which was fine, because it gave me time to go out and buy a camembert.

Tom: Yes, 20 minutes looked a bit optimistic to cook these poussins. And I don’t think they are unusually large ones. So I gave them an extra 15 minutes. Which seems to have been just right.

Kirstin: Oscar liked them too. I gave him a wing. But eating them was a bit messy. You have to just get stuck in with poussin, and use your fingers. I would definitely make this again!

Tom: Oh, good. Yes, it looks really good to have an entire poussin on each plate. It’s possibly a good dinner-party recipe, except that it’s a bit messy to eat in a dignified manner. Which might not be appropriate for some guests. The olives and other bits and bobs were great too. And then it was all followed up by a crisp salad.

Kirstin: With leaves from our garden!

Tom: Yes, those lovely spicy purple leaves. And lots of rock salt. Yum! I’m liking this new book already. And not just because the author is called Tom.

“Spatchcocked poussins with lemon, green olives and rosemary” from “Easy”

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