Cookbook of the Month, Jul 2011, Easy by Tom Aikens

Anna: Why did you choose this book?

Kirstin: Because Amazon kept recommending it to me. And I bought three other books for this month and they didn’t suit. Also, we wanted some French recipes, because we are going to France this month.

Tom: What were the books that failed to make the grade?

Kirstin: Bocca di Lupo… but that was too difficult. Elizabeth David, but it’s just mad. And the Chez Bruce guy, which just looked a bit fancy for a whole month.

Tom: Bocca di Lupo was too difficult?

Kirstin: Yes, it was really involved recipes.

Anna: This book says it’s easy, and with my work schedule I need quick and easy. I don’t know if easy means quick, of course.

Tom: What are we looking forward to cooking?

Anna: Salmon baked with juniper and lemon thyme.

Kirstin: Are we going to cook some of these in France?

Anna: Oh, yes! We can go to the fish man.

Peter: The fish man?

Anna: Monsieur le Poisson. In the market.

Kirstin: Do you remember we had to text Tom to ask him what sea bass was in French, last time we went to that market?

Anna (flipping the pages): I’m going to do the lamb rumps with rosemary and parmesan polenta. And the English rose veal rump with creamed spinach.

Kirstin: He has good desserts, too.

Anna: Ooh, baked eggs with ham and parmesan. Put me down for that! And the blueberry and buttermilk American pancakes.

Kirstin: Which involves baking! Right, my turn. Yes, this is going to slightly fancier than last month. But look at these desserts! They sound amazing! And a leftovers chapter! Brilliant! I am so doing this. This is going to be a great month. But I’m not doing anything with liver. We’re leaving that out. Because you  know how much I don’t like eating anything I can identify macroscopically. I just don’t.

Cookbook of the Month, Jul 2011, Easy by Tom Aikens

One thought on “Cookbook of the Month, Jul 2011, Easy by Tom Aikens

  1. Erin Akerson says:

    Anna I had not read what you were thinking of cooking from this book but I guess it’s rumps !! Let’s hear how they turn out ! We might have to name you rump specialist !

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