“Good Things to Eat” – our verdict

Anna: Kirstin, you obviously loved this book. You said it was your new favourite — Jamie Oliver mixed with Nigel Slater! Is this true?

Kirstin: Yes, this is my new favourite ever. I didn’t even blog about all the recipes I cooked this month. There was the roast chicken and aîoli. And the grilled sole. Both were yummy!

Anna: What was your previous favourite book?

Kirstin: Probably Bill. Or Gordon. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the month of Gordon. And before that, Bill. I have a soft spot for Bill’s books. And there’s a new one later this year. Yay!

Anna: I’m not sure about Lucas though.

Kirstin: How can you say that?

Anna: I haven’t cooked as many things as you, but of the things I’ve cooked… the crab spaghetti was fine, but I won’t be cooking it again because it has this ridiculous extra step with the breadcrumbs.

Tom: Maybe you have just chosen more complex recipes.

Anna: That’s because Kirstin chose all the good ones before I could get to them! And this whole mint obsession is ridiculous. He keeps saying to put huge bits of it in there.

Kirstin: Yes, that is ridiculous. But I love his use of his words, and the way he has a recipe for every occasion. And it’s simple and delicious. That’s what I want from a cookbook: simple, delicious and being able to use it every day.

Anna: Did you feel it was different enough from other books?

Kirstin: He wasn’t trying too hard, like Jamie. Or Nigel with his ridiculous garden.

Anna: Most of the recipes he has in there, I have versions of in other books.

Tom: Yes, but he often has a new twist.

Kirstin: His meatballs have spices. And who would have thought to put onions in carbonara? It was amazing.

Anna: Butnormal carbonara is easier: no slicing of onions, no cooking of onions….. that extra step again.

Tom: I want to see where he’s going to take this. Jamie it trying too hard because he’s done everything and he needs a high concept for each book. Lucas is talking about his dream of selling up and moving to the country. I sense another book, plus a TV series. You mark my words.

Kirstin: I hope so! I would watch his TV series. He really enjoys food. He’s not doing it to show off, or to prove anything. It’s just simple, yummy food.

Anna: Yes. But the stuff I cooked just wasn’t that simple. I will probably make the lamb and gratin again, but I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a “go to” book for me, lovely as it is.

Kirstin: I have already given this book to people and they all love it too. And there are more recipes I haven’t cooked yet. It’s definitely on the “keep it in the kitchen” book shelf.

“Good Things to Eat” – our verdict

6 thoughts on ““Good Things to Eat” – our verdict

  1. foodelf says:

    I’ve been reading my way through your blog with great pleasure and your posts on Good Things to Eat were so beguiling, I bought the book today. One of the first things I’ll try is the Chicken, Leek and Tarragon Pie.

    I’m looking forward to trying many of the dishes, but I’m also enjoying the writing – Lucas’ turn of phrase and sense of humour makes this book a pleasure.

    I’m not sure I would have discovered this book in Vancouver, Canada without your blog – thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. foodelf says:

    In my ongoing love-affair with this book, I made Chicken with Fennel, lemon & Thyme (p.64) and it was simply delicious. An almost effortless mid-week dinner where all the elements truly shone. Roasted fennel is an old friend I’d almost forgotten about and it becomes rich and silky in this preparation with its new best friend, thyme.

    If you haven’t yet tried this, ladies – put it on your list … between cookbook assignments, of course!

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