“Strawberry ice cream” from “Good Things to Eat”

Georgia: Can I just say… this is lemon sorbet number two! But with strawberry ice cream.

Kirstin: Then it’s not lemon sorbet at all!

Georgia: I love it.

Kirstin: This reminds me of my mum’s strawberry ice cream fro the 1970s. Old style!

Tom: I know what you mean. I thought it seemed familiar. I think my mum made something similar.

Georgia: It’s so dreamy and creamy and fluffy!

Ella: It’s really nice. But when you eat a big spoonful it tastes really dry in your mouth. Which is weird.

Tom: But do you like it?

Ella: It’s scrumptious.

Georgia (finishing her bowl): Thank you! That was gorgeous!

Kirstin: It was super easy to make, as well. Just some strawberries mash up, with some lemon and orange and whipped cream… a bit of vanilla… and there you go! I’m definitely making this one again. I think it might be my favourite strawberry ice cream recipe ever. Would you want it again? He says you should eat it the day you make it. I can totally see why.

Tom: Oh, yeah.

Kirstin: It’s my perfect kind of ice cream. It’s just strawberries and whipped cream.

Ella (having taken too large a mouthful): BRAIN FREEZE! ARGH!

“Strawberry ice cream” from “Good Things to Eat”

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