“Chicken with fennel, lemon and thyme” from “Good Things to Eat”

Tom: Well, Lucas hits it out of the park again. Yum!

Kirstin: Home run? That’s American, right? What’s the English equivalent of a home run in cricket then?

Tom: I am not an expert on sport. You might say. I don’t think there is a home run in cricket.

Kirstin: Getting a 6. Isn’t that the same thing in cricket? I can do tennis! But I don’t think they have a name for hitting the ball out of the court, for obvious reasons.

Tom: Right. Well, anyway, this was fantastic. Just what I like.

Kirstin: Yes, it made the house smell amazing. And you’ve already asked if we can have it again.

Tom: Well you did ask if we should do it with the chicken skin on.

Kirstin: Yes, I messed up on that. I spend my whole time telling patients not to eat chicken skin.

Tom: You do? Oh dear.

Kirstin: Yes, for cholesterol reasons.

Tom: Ah. Have you seen what happens on Sunday evenings?

Kirstin: When you eat all the skin from an entire chicken? Oh, man. Better start you on a statin.

Tom: If I take the statin, can I go on eating all the chicken skin?

Kirstin: I will have to measure your blood pressure first before I can properly assess you.

Tom: Anyway, this was quite crisp even without the skin, because you have to turn it up to 240 degrees at the end. And I love the way the fennel and the lemon are hard to tell apart by the end. This really is my kind of food.

Kirstin: We had it with new potatoes, so there would be a carb. Carbs are OK. In moderation anyway.

Tom: Yes, but I would have settled for a larger portion of the chicken, fennel and lemon. The potatoes were the least tasty part.

Kirstin: With skin on the chicken?

Tom: Oh, yeah. Even better. When are we having this again? Can we have it when we go to Italy?

Kirstin: It depends whether fennel is in season, because Italian supermarkets only have vegetables when they are in season.

Tom: Ah. Well, fingers crossed!

“Chicken with fennel, lemon and thyme” from “Good Things to Eat”

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