“Stuffed leg of lamb with spinach, feta and olives”, “Aubergine, courgette and basil gratin” and “Strawberry and lemon curd tart” from Good Things to Eat

Kirstin: That was the best lamb and the best gratin. Ever. I had seconds!

Anna: You don’t have seconds very often.

Kirstin: I never have seconds.

Tom: It smelled fantastic when the lamb was cooking.

Kirstin: And it tasted as good as it smelled.

Anna: I wanted to cook it because the stuffing had all my favourite things in it: spinach, feta, olives, garlic. It had mint, too.

Kirstin: So, strictly speaking, it didn’t have all you favourite things in it. Did it have artichokes in it? Or camembert?

Anna: But you weren’t convinced by the stuffing, Tom?

Tom: I didn’t think I’d like the stuffing. But it was yum.

Anna: It was expensive, though. That lamb had to be tunnel boned. You can’t get that from Ocado. Thank you lovely butcher man at Drings!

Kirstin: It was amazing.

Tom: We all had seconds. What about the gratin?

Anna: It was like a posh ratatouille.

Kirstin: But it was so much more than a ratatouille.

Anna: It had parmesan in it!

Kirstin: It would be a good vegetarian meal, that one.

Anna: The gratin and the lamb went together well. He did say that they would.

Kirstin: It was a total triumph.

Tom: And it was a lot of work?

Anna: You invest a couple of hours earlier on, but then it means you don’t have to do anything later. Which is the kind of meal I like. Which is why I didn’t like Rachel Allen’s book — it was all frantic assembly at the last minute, and I don’t like that kind of thing. This was a bit of food processing. I had to get it out and wash it up and I don’t like that sort of thing. And it was a bit hard to stuff the lamb. You push the stuffing in, and it keeps popping back up, so you’re not really making any progress. But it made it kind of crunchy and crispy which Tom liked. And I think I will make this lamb again, and the gratin. Max, by the way, has totally run away from the screaming kiddies

Kirstin: I saw Maggie earlier, on the shed…

Kirstin: I would certainly eat them again! Then we had cheese. Anna ate half a camembert. Then we had dessert.

Tom: Which was yum. Like a light cheesecake.

Anna: It was dead easy. It was like a deconstructed cheesecake. But it was a bugger to get out of the tin. It did, however, go very well with my skinny red jeans from Topshop!

Peter: I liked it. It was a bit sloppy. But it was OK.

Kirstin: That’s because you had the base on the side. Like in “When Harry Met Sally”.

Anna: Did you notice I glazed it?

Peter: No.

Kirstin: You mean, yes!

Peter: Um. Oh. Yes. I mean, that strawberry very impeccably glazed. It was nice and tasty.

Tom: I thought it was great.

Anna: If I can find a way round the sticky base issue I will definitely make it again too.  A roaring success this meal!

“Stuffed leg of lamb with spinach, feta and olives”, “Aubergine, courgette and basil gratin” and “Strawberry and lemon curd tart” from Good Things to Eat

4 thoughts on ““Stuffed leg of lamb with spinach, feta and olives”, “Aubergine, courgette and basil gratin” and “Strawberry and lemon curd tart” from Good Things to Eat

  1. Lovely photos, lovely jeans and… could I have the gratin recipe? Since you say that it would be perfect for veggies… and i have 1kg of organic parmesan in the fridge, plus another three (vacuum-packed luckily) on the way…

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