“Spaghetti with ricotta and herbs” from “Good Things To Eat”

Andrew (11): Well, this is interesting.

Tim: Do you mean interesting good or interesting bad?

Andrew: Interesting bad.

Maureen: Why?

Andrew: There’s too much rocket. It gives it too much flavour.

Tim (sarcastically): It’s green! Green is bad! Green means vegetables or salad!

Nicholas (8): Every time I bite into it, I get too many flavours.

Tim: It’s good, but we’ve had something like it many times before.

Maureen: You’re right. It’s an awful lot like the River Cafe pasta dish with rocket, though they use creme fraiche rather than ricotta. That one is also delicious and easy. I have to agree with Tom and Kirstin though. I do think Mr. Hollweg has a fixation on mint. I’ve used a lot of mint this month, and this recipe is no different.

Maureen: Would you like me to make it again?

Andrew and Nicholas: No.

Tim: I suppose so.

Cook’s Notes: The great thing about this recipe is that it could not be quicker to make. Take that, Jamie Oliver’s “30-minute” meals. It was a nice touch having all of the different herbs, rather than just rocket, like in the River Cafe recipe. But I’m not sure I would add as much mint the next time around. Given that we have a week to go with this book, I have invested in a mint plant. I think it’s probably a good investment.

“Spaghetti with ricotta and herbs” from “Good Things To Eat”

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