“Peas, broad beans and ricotta on toast” from “Good Things to Eat”

Kirstin: This recipe is the reason I bought this book. I thought that if somebody chose to do a chapter on “things on toast”, and could make it look so nice, the least I could do was buy the book. And that was absolutely yum.

Tom: It was indeed. We made extra slices it was so good.

Kirstin: You did that thing where you don’t talk when you’re eating. Which is always a sure sign that it’s yummy.

Tom: Yup, it takes a lot to shut me up.

Kirstin: That’s true.

Tom: And that was really good. I loved the garlic — was it just scraped on the toast?

Kirstin: Yes.

Tom: Well, it made everything glow. I suppose my only quibble was…

Kirstin and Tom: THE MINT!

Tom: We both picked it off. We are not big fans of mint.

Kirstin: We are in Pimms!

Tom: Or mojitos! I just don’t really want to eat it. Anyway, are there more yummy things we can have on toast?

Kirstin: Yes, there’s a lemon curd recipe, and another for somerset rarebit. I’m not so sure about the devilled kidneys and watercress. And we’ve already had the roast tomatoes and mozzarella one. Anyway, that was a lovely Monday evening meal with a glass of red wine and a spot of camembert on the side. Cherries for dessert. While the rain fell outside.

Tom: Indeed!

“Peas, broad beans and ricotta on toast” from “Good Things to Eat”

3 thoughts on ““Peas, broad beans and ricotta on toast” from “Good Things to Eat”

  1. Erin Akerson says:

    I am Anna St Amour older sister / step sister ,anyway I love your blog and can’t wait for any updates . You are all so cute about your cooking and even though I myself am not a super chef like all of you I do know good food and love to read about your experiences . Keep it up !!

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