“Roast tomatoes and mozzarella”, Slow roast lamb shoulder with garlic, vermouth and rosemary”, “Roast potatoes”, “Courgette and pine nut salad” and “Little chocolate pots with cardamom” from “”Good Things to Eat”.

Katherine:So how do you pick the recipe you are going to try?

Kirstin: There are only a few dinner menu recipes. It wasn’t hard.

Katherine: My problem is I’d want to do too many different things that don’t go together. Mussels with leeks, why didn’t you choose that?

Kirstin: I just chose things that go together. I don’t cook mussels. But you know, I should. I should definitely try and cook mussels sometime.

Tom: So what did we think?

Katherine: The tomatoes were the perfect temperature.

Kirstin: I was supposed to use a big piece of mozzarella and break it up, but I used small ones. And I forgot the lemon juice. They looked good, though.

Joeri: And you had to pour the olive oil over.

Kirstin: The tomatoes looked so yummy in the dish! I got a bit carried away…

Tom: I loved the way the lamb had to be shredded, like Peking Duck.

Joeri: The jus was really great.

Kirstin: Tom made that up.

Katherine: I loved that jus, with the taste of the browning, it was really good.

Tom: yes, I just had to lots of red wine to the pan, because there were no juices.

Kirstin: I liked that it took five hours to cook, so it made the house smell nice.

Katherine: There were no other herbs except garlic?

Kirstin: Just rosemary.

Katherine: What joint was it?

Kirstin: Shoulder. It had bay leaves too, come to think of it. Oh. I didn’t see that. Ho hum. The roast potatoes were his recipe too. I liked that you could leave them up to an hour before roasting them. And because the oven temperature was low as it was slow cooking the lamb, I fried them in the pan first on the hob as he suggested.

Tom: Then we had…

Katherine: The salad! The lemon zest!

Tom: It was great. All that garlic.

Katherine: Though you did cheat on the pine nuts.

Kirstin: Ocado had sold out of pine nuts except for the already toasted ones!

Tom: You usually burn them anyway.

Katherine: So do I. That’s why I was so intrigued to see how she’d got them perfect.

Kirstin: I had to salt the courgettes and then squeeze out the water.

Katherine: They weren’t cooked. But they weren’t stiff as a board.

Joeri: It was a stronger, fresher taste.

Kirstin: It was amazing how much water came out of them.

Tom: I liked the way the courgette slivers were similar to the parmesan. Yum! I like that salad a lot.

Katherine: The lemon zest was really nice.

Kirstin: And the chocolate pots. They were quite rich.

Tom: But yum.

Kirstin: This was a cool recipe. You have to grind up the cardamom.

Joeri: There was pot?

Kirstin: No, not that kind of pot! Ha ha! You had to steep the cardamom in milk for an hour. Then put the chocolate in the bottom, pour the milk and cream over it and whisk it up. It was super easy! I’d do that one again.

Tom: I hope so. It was really good.

Kirstin: What, the ones you didn’t want me to make, because they had cardamom?

Tom: Yes. Well, you couldn’t taste the cardamom. Just a general sort of spiciness.

Kirstin: Wow, that was quite the meal! And definitely some recipes I would use again. Yum!

“Roast tomatoes and mozzarella”, Slow roast lamb shoulder with garlic, vermouth and rosemary”, “Roast potatoes”, “Courgette and pine nut salad” and “Little chocolate pots with cardamom” from “”Good Things to Eat”.

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