“Spaghetti carbonara” from “Good Things to Eat”

Tom: Another winner! This is super yum. This is my new favourite carbonara, though I do like the Zuni recipe.

Kirstin: How can you say that! But Zuni woman does have you doing mad things like twizzling the frying pan. And her recipe involves peeling fava beans. Perhaps we could come to a compromise between the two recipes?

Tom: Like when you blended the Photoshop and Lightroom versions of that picture yesterday? Anyway, there’s wine in this, and some cream, but not much?

Kirstin: No, not much. I do like that picture by the way…

Tom: Two egg yolks? I had no idea.

Kirstin: And that magic ingredient… the mystery spice?

Tom: Cinnamon?

Kirstin: No, it was nutmeg. It just had pecorino, too. No parmesan.

Tom: Ooh, controversial. But it’s really rich. It’s great. Just what I wanted.

Kirstin: I feel satiated. He does pasta really well. I’m going to be fat at the end of this month! Thank you, Lucas, for helping me pile on the pounds. In the yummiest possible way! And all for a good cause, mind…

Tom: Yeah right. You, fat? I think not.

“Spaghetti carbonara” from “Good Things to Eat”

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