“Scallops with pancetta, spinach and thyme” from “Good Things To Eat”

Anna: The last time I cooked scallops was in Sydney, when we’d just arrived four years ago.  I bought them from the fish market and used a recipe from the little River Cafe Fish book that Kirstin got me.  They didn’t turn out very well as I remember.

Peter: I can’t remember that.  Would you describe today’s recipe as more fool-proof?

Anna: I think it was more that kitchen in Sydney was crap. There was only one frying pan which everything burnt in, and the knife was blunt.

Peter: So you’re telling me that in the 90 boxes we shipped over there wasn’t a suitable fying pan?

Anna: This was before the 90 boxes arrived! When I was at the mercy of a kitchen kitted out by a rental company.  Anyway. This recipe was more of a success, for a number of reasons. An important one being I had my own frying pan, knife, and kitchen to cook in.

Peter: You had quite a lot of scallops I noticed, in the Sterling sense of the word.

Anna: Well I tried to get the quantity required but I think in the end we got marginally more. You’re right though, they were expensive little buggers. This isn’t an everyday meal.

Peter: That’s not the cookbook’s fault.

Anna: I know.  I was the one that chose the recipe. I thought it would be a treat on a rainy night.

Peter: It was a treat. I know he says it’s a snack or a light meal, and I’d say that was correct. It didn’t feel like a main meal.

Anna: So are you still hungry?

Peter: No, no. Because you got more scallops that we needed.

Anna: Only about 2 more.

Peter: Well that’s 2 pounds worth, so it’s an important difference!

“Scallops with pancetta, spinach and thyme” from “Good Things To Eat”

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