“Baked sea bass with saffron potatoes” and “Strawberries in red wine with cream cheese and basil” from “Good Things to Eat”

Anna: Why did you choose this, Kirstin?

Kirstin: Because Pat’s a vegetarian!

Zoe: So, it’s all your fault! You know what, everything’s his fault.

Pat: It’s my lot in ife.

Kirstin: No, seriously, I like sea bass. It was a good excuse to cook fish…I rarely cook fish for lots of people, so it was a good challenge.

Tom: I liked the potatoes. They were like chips crossed with crisps!

Peter: Was there a lot of saffron in there?

Kirstin: Only a pinch.

Anna: I’m not a fan of saffron. I’d leave it out.

Zoe: Don’t you like saffron?

Anna: It’s just not one of my favourite flavours.

Kirstin: It’s like  me with tagines. I don’t like fruit and meat together. Miles, what are you up to now?

Tom: He’s being a knight with a light sabre.

Kirstin: Back to the fruit and meat thing.

Anna: Yes, I’ve had to put up with that for a whole year!

Pat: Fruit and meat… give me an example?

Tom: Lamb with raisins!

Kirstin: Duck and orange!

Zoe: Ham and pineapple!

Anna: Just open that Nigel Slater book! But the fish was delicious. And I didn’t mind sharing it with my husband.

Lee: It fell off the bone without looking as though it would fall off. But a fish is a fish is a fish unless it’s a lobster. I like lobster. Fish, oh fish, mackayambe! Nobody can spell that.

Kirstin: Mum! If it’s a lobster then it’s a lobster!

Zoe: It’s a crustacean. So you would prefer lobster?

Anna: It can be very rich. There’s a time and a place for lobster.

Kirstin: Well, the fish came out well. Even though the oven was doing weird things.

Zoe: It was weeping! I think it was just emotional.

Anna: How much did that oven cost?

Kirstin: It wasn’t as much as a Gaggenau, which was the same price as a small car…

Tom: What did you think of the pudding?

Kirstin: Everyone liked it except for Anna.

Anna: I was just being honest! I liked it!

Lee: Her plate is quite clear.

Anna: I just wasn’t sure about the red wine.

Zoe: It gave it that sangria taste!

Anna: That’s just because you are an alcoholic.

Zoe: There is that.

Kirstin: It was meant to be in a bowl, with the cream, and the wine in a moat around. I used less than he said. He also said just to combine the ingredients for the cream, when actually they needed to be whipped up.

Zoe: Any less and I would have wanted more!

Anna: That’s because you are an alcoholic.

Zoe: Will you stop going on about that!

Kirstin: My favourite part of the evening was when you fell into the rabbit run.

Zoe: The entertainment was exceptional! Almost contemporary dance! I feel guilty that nobody rushed to his aid.

Kirstin: I took a picture.

Zoe: Peter was the only one who wasn’t crying with laughter.

Peter: I was paralysed by fear! It’s a good thing the rabbit wasn’t in there.

Anna: Ooh, we could cook rabbit.

“Baked sea bass with saffron potatoes” and “Strawberries in red wine with cream cheese and basil” from “Good Things to Eat”

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