“The Two Greedy Italians” – our verdict

Maureen: I loved this book, actually. We ate very well, nearly all the time. There was only one bum recipe.

Kirstin: And which was that one?

Maureen: Housewive’s chicken. First I had a problem with the name of it. And then it just wasn’t very exciting. It was easy, but it was just fine.

Kirstin: I have to say I wasn’t blown away by any of these recipes. But maybe I chose the wrong ones. I suppose I chose recipes I’ve cooked from other books, so it’s always difficult to directly compare. And of course I’ve grown up with the River Cafe books, so they are the books I turn to when I need to make an Italian recipe. I will make the bolognase again, but I think mainly because the little people liked it.

Maureen: I loved the vegetables I made over the weekend. It was so funny because Nicholas didn’t  like the green beans which we all loved.

Kirstin: See? I should have made some of those vegetable recipes. I knew it! What else did you enjoy making?

Maureen: I enjoyed the panzanella…it had all sorts of vegetables in it and not just tomatoes.

Kirstin: Oh, that’s an interesting take on the traditional panzanella recipe. There were several recipes I didn’t get around to this month. I meant to make pasta, for instance, but never got around to it.

Maureen: And I would have liked to have made something from the fish chapter. And I loved the mad pasta in egg thing.

Kirstin: You mean frittata with leftovers. Oh yes! We love frittatas. What about the dessert recipes? I wasn’t particularly inspired by them, I have to say.

Maureen: To be fair, we followed this on from Hummingbird so it was always going to be a tough act to follow.

Kirstin: Too true.  I will be making that  lemon granita when I have a moment this Summer. Ella loves all things cold and lemon.

Maureen: I’m going to make the panettone and ricotta pudding.

Kirstin: So do you think this is a keeper on the shelf. It’s always a good sign when we still have recipes we want to make.

Maureen: Yes! I think it’s going to go on my high rotation shelf.

Kirstin: I don’t think I would go that far. I think it would make it onto the back room cookbooks shelf,  but it wouldn’t at least make the charity pile, which is what I did with Nigel’s book, half way through that month!  Poor Nigel.

“The Two Greedy Italians” – our verdict

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