“Risotto con Pecorino, Olio e Aceto Balsamico” from “Two Greedy Italians”

Or, for the non-Italian speakers amoung you, Risotto with Pecorino, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

Tim: Did they advise you to use 25-year-old balsamic vinegar, like we had at the Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale in Spilamberto in Italy?

Maureen: No, they didn’t. But if they had, I’ll be that would have transformed this dish. This balsamic is just some Belazu balsamic, which is way too sweet, now that we know what the really good stuff tastes like.

Tim: You’re right. This balsamic is not that good.

Maureen: Now that we know why balsamic is so expensive [Editor’s note: It takes years for the best balsamic to mature], we should make an effort to get the expensive stuff. It’s like my Grandma always said, “Buy the best you can afford.” So what do you think of the risotto?

Tim: It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t say it’s materially better than the other risotto you make.

Maureen: I agree. I think I’ll stick with the tried-and-true method from Giorgio Locatelli and add things to it. It’s like he’s whispering sweet Italian nothings in my ear when I read the recipe. He also uses lashings of butter and cheese, which makes it delicious.

Tim: With the other risottos you make, like the asparagus one you made last week, I like finding bits of other food in the middle.

Maureen: So this one is too plain, then.

Tim: Yes, I suppose that’s it.

Maureen: To be fair, Gennaro said he made this when this was all he had on hand in the house. So if you were really up against it, especially if you use good balsamic, it would be OK. But not great.

“Risotto con Pecorino, Olio e Aceto Balsamico” from “Two Greedy Italians”

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