Tagliatelle alla Bolognese from “The Two Greedy Italians”.

Kirstin: So what do we think?

Miles: Mmmm!

Georgia: Yum!

Ella: We like it!

Kirstin: This was the easiest spaghetti bolognese I have ever made. And there were no hidden vegetables.

Tom: Huh?

Kirstin: Most of the recent recipes I’ve done have had secret, “hidden” vegetables which of course the kids notice straight away and refuse to eat.

Georgia: That failed, then.

Ella: Epically.

Tom: This was great. It’s a really good, classic spag boll.

Georgia: It’s a great victory dinner after killing Ganondorf!

Ella: It’s better than Granny’s Soup! Which refills all your hearts and magic power and lets you do double damage until you take damage. It’s really sad that I know this stuff.

Georgia: It’s not sad. It’s awesome. I’m really sad because I read the wikipedia for Paramore.

Ella: Well I was so sad I knew all about triremes at school today.

Tom: What did you say?

Ella: Miss Devon asked if anyone knew what a trireme was and I said it’s a Greek battleship that can go at 8-9 knots with 26 rowers on the top row, 53 on the middle and 53 on the bottom and a battering ram on one end. They were used by Themistocles in the Battle of Salamis where he built a fleet of 200 within 4 years.

Tom: Oh yeah, Ella. I want seconds.

Kirstin: It had to cook for two hours. It’s pork and mince and–

Georgia: It’s yummy!

Kirstin: Should I make this again, or do you prefer sausage sauce?

Ella and Georgia: This! Make this!

Miles (looking at the computer keyboard): Dad, does that have the alphabet on it?

Tom: Yes. But in the wrong order.

Ella (listening to Bebel Gilberto): What language is this?

Kirstin: Portuguese.

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese from “The Two Greedy Italians”.

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