Cookbook of the Month, May 2011, “Two Greedy Italians”

Maureen: Our next book will be “Two Greedy Italians,” starring Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo. A month of Italian food! What could be better?

Kirstin: After a month of eating cakes…

Maureen: We’re going to be so fat. Maybe the next book should be, “Drinking Water and Eating Ice: How to make it taste better.”

Kirstin: It’s the warm weather. It brings out our love of Italian food.

Maureen: We can be two greedy Italian food lovers. But it doesn’t have to be warm for me to feel that way.

Kirstin: Really? As the soon as the sun comes out, I’m all about Italian food. I’m really curious about this book; it’ll be interesting to see if it will be new things, or old things done really well. And we both have books by both of these guys separately. Are there any recipes you are already eyeing up?

Maureen: It has a recipe for spaghetti fritatta!  I’ve been looking for a recipe for that ever since we had a delicious version of it at Bocca di Lupo for Tim’s birthday last year. Hopefully there will be some new recipes in there for us too. It’ll be interesting to see because it’s both northern and southern Italian cooking. I tend to favour the north. Also, there’s a TV series on the BBC starting this week so we can see how to do things.

Kirstin: I’m hoping for some new proper Italian recipes; not Jamie doing Italian or Nigella doing Italian, it’s Italians doing Italian, which should be good. Have you fancied any other recipes?

Maureen: I like the look of the antipasto recipies and lots of small dish recipes. I’m definitely looking forward to cooking up some nice things to sit out back and eat in the sunshine, which we won’t be able to do now until August.

Kirstin: Ha ha! You’re probably right! Still, we can but dream…

Cookbook of the Month, May 2011, “Two Greedy Italians”

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