“Chicken Tikka Masala” from I Love Curry and “Mojito Mini Cupcakes” from Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

Tom: So, what did you all think of the curry? Those were clean plates!

Kate: Completely mopped up. Yup. We were demanding more sauce. You need to triple the quantity of that sauce.

Liam: It doesn’t need rice. The naan bread was great.

Mick: I preferred eating the curry with the bread, rather than using weapons.

Kate: It had a gentle but intense heat that crept up on you. It didn’t overwhelm you, but left you wanting more!

Liam: I second that.

Kate: You just want another hit.

Tom: The chillis were “whole, but pierced”. Which was new to me. It was a huge faff to make, though, right?

Kirstin: It was such a faff. I had to start last night. But you know, it was the best chicken tikka masala I’ve ever had! I would make it again. But I would schedule two hours to make it.

Kate: It took longer than you thought?

Kirstin: It did.

Liam: Normally I go for vindaloos. I go for heat rather than flavour. But that had flavour!

Kate: We would have that again! We would get a whiff of it, and you would get a knock on the door!

Tom: It did make the house smell nice.

Kirstin: I had to marinate it the night before, and then make the sauce. No grinding the spices. Then I had to grill the chicken and add it to the sauce.

Mick: Is there coconut milk in it?

Tom: No, just cream. So, what do you think of the cupcakes? Can you guess the flavour?

Mick: We think lime and lemon so far.

Kate: And there’s something dusted on top.

Kirstin: Can you taste any alcohol in it?

Liam: Gin?

Kate: Kirsch?

Kirstin: No!

Liam: Malibu?

Mick: Rum? Is it Bacardi?

Kirstin: Yes! Nine o’clock this morning, I was boiling up Bacardi. You make them, and then you put the rum sauce on top of the sponge and let it soak in. There’s also a bit in the icing. So they are Mojito cupcakes!

Kate: Ah! I can taste it in the zest!

Liam: I am going to have a lot of wrappers left on my plate.

Kate: I am dipping my cupcake in the zest!

Kirstin: He wanted me to put mint in the sponge, and I didn’t; I didn’t like the idea of finding random mint pieces in my cupcakes.

Tom (being fed a cupcake while typing): Mmmm. Thank you.

Kirstin: I could always give you some toothpaste if you want the mint flavour.

Kate: We didn’t guess the flavour.

Kirstin: Yes you did! You did really well!

Kate: We take that back. We did really well! More please!

“Chicken Tikka Masala” from I Love Curry and “Mojito Mini Cupcakes” from Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

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