“Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake” from “The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days”

Lee: People don’t like my comments, because I overdo it.

Tom: We love your comments Lee! Look, a cheesecake! With no handprint in it! Do you remember the time you thought you would help Kirstin when she made a cheesecake and by taking it out of the oven and then managed to leave a handprint in the cheese part?

Lee: I do, I do. You guys will never let me forget it. See this is a naked cheesecake. Who drank my wine?

Tom: You did.

Lee: Did I? Oh. How could I do that? It’s like losing my passport, isn’t it?

Ella (whispering): Please do not talk about fish or clocks, because they are the answers to our riddles.

Lee: Mothers’ Day has been postponed, like Castro postponed Christmas! Because this mother was not available. But like a phoenix, she rises from the fire, and she’s here today!

Tom: Er…yes.

Annika: I can’t get through the biscuit base, because I’ve injured my finger.

Ella: Are you talking about fish?

Simon: Fish?

Ella: Don’t say that word! Shhh!

Tom: Right, so what do you all think of the cheesecake?

Lee: Magnifique! It tastes like ice cream! It’s cheesecake with attitude. It adds a new dimension to cheesecake.

Annika: Very creamy. And cheesy. And cakey!

Simon: Very nice. It was more creamy than most cheesecakes. They can be a bit dry and crumbly, but this wasn’t.

Tom: Mmm, that was yum. Would you make it again?

Kirstin: That might be my first-ever cheesecake, since the one with the handprint. There was a lot of faffing about between stages. You had to let things cool all the time. It didn’t take long to do, but there was a lot of waiting. But I think I would make it again!

Annika: I would eat that again, and I don’t like desserts.

“Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake” from “The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days”

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