“Leon 2” – our verdict

Anna: I’m not sure about this book. I mean really it’s a bunch of friends who have got together and put their recipes down in a book, but you can kind of tell. They’re just sort of weird recipes.

Kirstin: I thought I would get the hang out of the layout, but no. This is a mess of a book. The pictures are rubbish and I couldn’t find anything. There were upside down pages and a whole load of ice cream recipes that I found by accident folded inside. All very twee, but useless as a cookbook.

Anna: Are there any recipes you would do again?

Kirstin: Maybe. But actually I hate the book so much, I probably wouldn’t pick it up again.

Anna: I think I’d do the turkey bolognese again.

Kirstin: There were three pages of desserts. That was it. And to be fair, I might use it for the barbecue pages, but I’d probably pick up Bill’s book instead.

Anna: I think you’re right there.

Kirstin: It totally left me cold. Which is mad, because I love their chain. I walk across London for their chicken salad.

Anna: Well I think the point is that these recipes weren’t by Allegra McEvedy and she devised the food for the restaurant.

Kirstin: Would you pick up Leon 3, should they make it?

Anna: No.

Kirstin: Me neither.

“Leon 2” – our verdict

3 thoughts on ““Leon 2” – our verdict

  1. Peter says:

    Not a vintage month, in my role as guinea pig. The recipes seemed to be all over the place, and most of them seemed to be very watery.

    Can we have another Bill book please?

  2. Glad I am not the only one that feels this way. I gave away my Leon books. I was actually flabbergasted that they suggested MSG is not a bad thing – that alone turned me off. Very few recipes appealed to me at all, and none enough to actually try cooking them.

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