“Coconut Chicken & Petit Pois Curry” from “Leon 2”

Maureen: Curry night! We don’t do it very often, but maybe we should. What do you think?

Andrew (11): It’s like the other chicken curry you make, which is very good.

Maureen: What other chicken curry? We never have curry. You both think it’s too spicy.

Nicholas (7): I think it’s good.

Andrew: I like the sauce, but it lacks something.

Maureen: That could be because I couldn’t find Nigella seeds anywhere in West Greenwich. A few years ago on “The Apprentice”, they had to find Nigella seeds. Now I know why. They’re difficult to source, at least locally. (Note: I did find them finally at Waitrose, and Ocado also has them, which is why they’re in the picture above. Now that I have them, I can make this again!)

Maureen: Would you like me to make it again?

Andrew: Yes.

Nicholas: I guess so.

Maureen: The good thing about this dish is cooking it only took 15 minutes. You’ve got to love that.

Andrew: Is that a shorter time than hot dogs?

Maureen: No. But this is much, much better.

Cooking notes: After I found the nigella seeds, I added them to the leftovers the next day, which were delicious. This recipe isn’t going to set the world on fire, but it was really good and really easy. We will definitely have it again.

Here’s a written conclusion from one of the diners:


“Coconut Chicken & Petit Pois Curry” from “Leon 2”

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