“Potatoes Leon-aise,” “Fred’s Asparagus,” and “Roast Carrots & Fennel” from “Leon 2”

Maureen: Since it’s Dad’s birthday, we’re having beef wellington, since that’s what he wanted. But we’re also having potatoes, asparagus and carrots from the Leon 2 cookbook. What do you think?

Nicholas (7): I loved the asparagus! I even had seconds. But everything else is “in the middle.”

Andrew (11): I liked the asparagus, too, but not as much as Nicholas. The potatoes were OK. I didn’t like the carrots.

Tim (aka Birthday Boy): How did the potatoes get so much liquid?

Maureen: That’s the chicken stock that you cook it in. What do you think?

Tim: I’m in the middle too. I like my roast potatoes more crispy and these are way more soupy than I prefer.

Maureen: They’re very healthy, though. There’s no butter, and very little olive oil.

Maureen: Moving on. What do you think of everything else>

Nicholas: You call these carrots??

Maureen: These aren’t the carrots I usually make. But I do think the potatoes are too soupy and the carrots are too dry.

Tim: I thought with my first bite that they were too dry, but they’re growing on me. I think what this involves is untraining your mind about what roast vegetables should be. When I think of roast vegetables, I think, “Crispy-Oily-Fatty”– all those things. This is very different from that. What did you think?

Maureen: With the carrots, the fennel is nice, but I can’t help but think I’d like it more if it had more olive oil. The asparagus, though, was superb.

Tim: I agree.

Maureen: I had to deviate from the recipe a little bit. They told me to just grill them on the grill pan. Nothing much seemed to be happening, so I added a little bit of water to steam them, which quickly evaporated and did a beautiful job of cooking them. The herb olive oil that you put on top of it is absolutely delicious.

Nicholas: I liked the carrots and the asparagus, but not the beef. I’m a vegetarian in training!

Andrew: Yes, we know. We keep hearing about this.

“Potatoes Leon-aise,” “Fred’s Asparagus,” and “Roast Carrots & Fennel” from “Leon 2”

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