“John’s broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts and chilli” from “Leon 2”

Peter: This tasted quite Asian to me.

Anna: Of course it’s Asian! It’s got garlic, cashews and chilli in it. Oh, and soy sauce, just in case they aren’t Asian enough ingredients for you.

Peter: Well, the book’s called Leon which implies that the recipes are Mediterranean.

Anna: We had curry last night! Shall we start again?

Peter: Seven years too late….. This seemed to be a relatively quick dish, would you agree?

Anna: Yes, in fact this is the first recipe I’ve done from the book that lives up to the name of Naturally Fast Food.  It was rather good actually.  I loved the way it smelled like a proper Chinese – that’ll be the soy, garlic and chilli.  I would defintely make it again.

Peter: You made this as an accompaniment, to go with the salmon and spinach.

Anna: Would you eat it as a meal on it’s own?

Peter: There wasn’t that much to it. It needs something else to go with it.

Anna: Even if I made a load of rice to eat it with?  Would you still feel it wasn’t a proper meal?

Peter: Yes. It needs to have a focal point. Broccoli isn’t the hero of a dish.

Anna: Well as an Asian side dish I guess we could say that it’s our first Leon 2 success!

“John’s broccoli with garlic, cashew nuts and chilli” from “Leon 2”

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