“Dalston sweet potato curry” from “Leon 2”

Anna: It’s my own fault.

Peter: What’s your own fault?

Anna: For choosing this recipe. I was bored of it before I’d even finished cooking it. So it’s no wonder I didn’t want to eat it. I managed half a bowl before I got bored again.

Peter: I don’t mind a vegetable curry, because there’s nothing that makes you more full. But they are slightly worthy.

Anna: And boring.

Peter: I thought Dalston Sweet Potato Curry was a dancehall hit. You don’t know what dancehall is, do you?

Anna: No.

Peter: It’s a genre of music.

Anna: I see.

Peter: Anyway, in the book it says it’s been tested by Marilyn or someone. I don’t know who Marilyn is. And I don’t give a monkies if she thinks it’s ace.

Anna: I don’t think the word ace is used.

Peter: I thought the curry was ok.  One billion Indians can’t be wrong with a vegetable curry.

Anna: Tonight, in order to face the leftovers, we added chicken and spinach, didn’t we? That made it a lot better as far as I’m concerned. And maybe it helped that you did the cooking, or heating up rather, tonight. So I didn’t have a chance to get bored of it again before we ate.

Peter: I didn’t think the chicken made that much of a difference. I’d leave it as vegetables.

Anna: You’ll be eating on your own then.  Worth mentioning as well that I had to add some chicken stock to it tonight, to temper the sweetness. There’s no salt in the recipe, and you really notice it, what with the sweet potatoes and coconut milk.  Cauliflower, what’s the point of it? God, what a boring vegetable.

Peter: That’s not true, you like it with cheese!

Anna: I don’t.  So, not a total thumbs down, but I’d be lying if I said I was going to make it again.

“Dalston sweet potato curry” from “Leon 2”

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