“John’s Thai Curry” from “Leon 2”

Kirstin: So Tom, do you think they have bamboo shoots in Thailand then? Or is it just a Chinese thing?

Tom: Hmmm. I’m not really sure.

Kirstin: I get the feeling they’re more Chinese than Thai.

Tom: Maybe they grow throughout Asia?


First person: So, this Bordeaux wine, is it from France or Italy?

Second person: Germany, I think. Those countries are all the same now, with the euro currency, aren’t they?

First person: Ah, of course. Except Britain, which does not use the euro, so it is not allowed to make Bordeaux.

Second person: Also, in Britain they speak a different dialect of European, I believe.

Tom: We have no idea, do we?

Kirstin: No clue whatsoever. And thank you for procuring Thai aubergines for me today. The recipe helpfully said to cook until done, or something like that anyway.

Tom: I got them in Chinatown, of course. Not sure they’re really Thai. But hey, all those Asian countries… oh, wait. To be fair, Loon  Moon supermarket is divided up into different Asian countries, so it’s not all Chinese stuff in there.

Kirstin: And I went to the Asian supermarket three times this week! I found the space where the Thai aubergines were meant to be, but there were never any Thai aubergines. And I had to listen to their dreadful music. What do we think of the curry?

Tom: Just what I need for my stinking cold! If anything, I could have done with a bit more chilli.

Kirstin: I’m a bit sad that we finished this wine (Glen Carlou Quartz Stone Chardonnay 2009).

Tom: Yup, it’s my kind of Chardonnay. All flint and steel and no oak at all. We must get some more!

Kirstin: I put in more chicken thighs than they said. I should say that, shouldn’t I?

Tom: What do we normally have in Thai curry instead of mad aubergines?

Kirstin: Broccoli. Which is probably completely inauthentic. Chinese broccoli? Thai broccoli?

Tom: Once again we reveal our complete ignorance of the differences between different Asian cultures and cuisines.

Kirstin: But I do like the mouthfeel of a Thai curry more than Chinese food.

Tom: When I was walking through Chinatown, I really wanted some Chinese food!

Kirstin: But then you came home to Thai curry.

Tom: And it was good!

Kirstin: It was alright. And it was easy. And I do like a Thai curry.

“John’s Thai Curry” from “Leon 2”

2 thoughts on ““John’s Thai Curry” from “Leon 2”

  1. Takae says:

    lol! Excuse my cheekiness for sharing this without invitation:

    Broccoli –> not inauthentic. It’s commonly part of many dishes in Thai cuisine.
    Chinese broccoli = kai lan –> a common ingredient in many cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian.
    Bamboo sprouts –> it exists in every Asian cuisine possible. In the UK it’s heavily associated with Chinese cuisine but in reality, it’s a common Asian ingredient. We regularly have them as a topping in many of our family dishes like a variation of ‘nabemono’ (think ‘hot pot’). Such as something heart-attack-worthy like ‘chanko’.

    Thank you for your amusing post. I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Thank you so much for your explanation! It was only while we were talking about the different cuisines, that we realised how little we knew. To be fair, I’m don’t know much about French or other cuisines much either!

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