“Butter Bean Soup” from “Leon 2”

Maureen: It seems like a good soup day, and with spring coming, hopefully we don’t have too many soup days left until autumn.

Nicholas (7): It doesn’t look like anything.

Maureen: Of course not. It’s white.

Andrew (11): Is this from the new cookbook?

Maureen: Yes, it is. What do you think?

Andrew: To be brutally honest, it doesn’t taste of anything. It is not the ideal dinner.

Maureen: I think it needs something else. Maybe more peppers?

Nicholas: I give it a minus 10 out of 10. It’s a crime against gastronomy!

Maureen: I take it that you won’t want me to make it again?

Andrew and Nicholas (simultaneously): NO!

Nicholas: You should not have been creative.

Maureen: Do you boys want a bowl of cereal instead for dinner?

Andrew and Nicholas: Yes, please.

Maureen: It would seem this has been disastrous. At least the kitchen isn’t as messy as after a Jamie “30 minute” dinner!

Chef notes: The recipe says you should simmer the soup for 2 minutes. (Two is not a typo.) Obviously, the soup is never going to get hot enough with only 2 minutes of simmer time, so I cooked for about 7 minutes. Also, if I were to make it again, I would roast more peppers to add to the soup. If you’re short of time, I’m willing to bet that good-quality roasted peppers from a jar would do just as good a job and would save you a step. However, given the reception above, I won’t be making this one again.

“Butter Bean Soup” from “Leon 2”

6 thoughts on ““Butter Bean Soup” from “Leon 2”

  1. J says:

    I once made a butter bean puree for my daughter as a baby, it smelt so foul that it made me want to gag and obviously I couldn’t bare to give it to my daughter, even now 7 years later, just reading your blog post I can smell that smell, yeugh! That is one soup I definitely won’t be making!

  2. mmmmhhh. I wonder… I make something similar (not my recipe, it’s how they make pasta with beans here) using cannellini beans (not sure what butter beans are :roll:) and chucking pasta in it and it’s actually VERY good, if you like beans that is. The only thing with pulses I think is that you need to get rid of the skins, which taste horrible, so I use one of those mouli things rather than a hand blender. The recipe (in Italian, sorry, but I am willing to translate) is here:
    and it’s even better if you make it with chickpeas:
    btw, Martina loves it either way, but for her I omit the garlic and chili pepper

      1. you should try, too! Especially the chickpea pasta I find absolutely yummy, basically it’s like a hummus with pasta thrown in! 😉
        I would make it for you when you come but then it’s not really a summer dish!
        As for Martina she doesn’t mind the garlic (she loves pesto :shock:) but can’t quite handle peppery stuff yet 😀

  3. Maureen Stapleton says:

    Maybe it’s time for another kitchen accessory! I’ve always wanted a mouli….

    I didn’t think this soup was as horrible as the others did. But I would definitely add more roasted peppers the next time around, because otherwise, it didn’t taste of much.

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