“Best Bolognese” and “Breathtakingly Quick Chocolate Pots” from “Leon 2”

Kirstin: Well, you made it, Tom. What was it like?

Tom: It was a classic bolognese recipe. Onions, garlic, bacon, minced beef and so on.

Phil: I thought it was a bit more savoury, less sugary than bolognese normally is.

Tom: That may be the bacon, which is like adding a ton of salt.

Phil: Was there any tomato puree in it?

Tom: There was indeed.

Phil: I thought it was less tomato-y and more meaty. Very savoury.

Tom: Well, the ratio of meat to tomatoes was quite large. It was just one tin of tomatoes but masses of meat.

Jen: There was lots of wine in this, right?

Tom: Yes, a whole bottle. And cinnamon! Anyway, I thought it was a classic bolognese, but I wasn’t knocked out by it.

Jen: Would you pick this recipe if you wanted to make bolognese again?

Kirstin: Yes, because all the other recipes have lots of vegetables in them, and they just get in the way. And the children enjoyed it too, so I would definitely make it again.

Jen: I couldn’t agree more! It’s not all worthy. With vegetables. And we all appreciated the brevity of the name of the recipe. It’s not super-duper awesome pukka spag bol, or something.

Kirstin: What did you think of the dessert, “breathtakingly quick chocolate pots”?

Jen: That is an annoying name for a recipe. Though I can’t see Jamie Oliver using a sophisticated word like “breathtakingly”. It was really rich, really good.

Kirstin: It was an interesting technique to make it. I had to simmer the cream, and then pour it into the food processor as it was whizzing up the chocolate. Which was a bit Jamie Oliver, using the food processor again. It was very loud and a bit messy: I got melted chocolate all over the kitchen.

Phil: I like chocolate pots that you can’t eat really quickly. So I liked the fact it was so thick. Softer desserts are all over in 45 seconds. This was a good solid three and a half minutes.

Tom: Yes, it was heavier than I expected. It was really rich, but there was just the right amount. Kirstin, would you make them again?

Kirstin: No. It wasn’t that special. I liked the vanilla essence, but it wasn’t that great.

“Best Bolognese” and “Breathtakingly Quick Chocolate Pots” from “Leon 2”

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