“Swedish-style Fishcakes, Roasted Baby New Potatoes, Sprout Salad, Fresh Zingy Salsa” from “30 Minute Meals”

Time taken: 34 minutes 30 seconds

Miles: Mummy, can I give you a kiss?

Kirstin: Yes. Of course you can. What a lovely kiss! Thank you.

Miles: That’s because it was a slow-motion kiss.

Kirstin: You are sweet, lovely boy. Now Miles, how many of us liked the food?

Miles: Three! And Oscar. I call him Osky-Tosky.

Kirstin: You were a bit worried about the fishcakes. Before dinner you said you only eat chocolate cake. But you liked them! Ella didn’t, though. And Osky-Tosky loved them, didn’t he?

Ella: I like cake. I love chocolate cake. But I don’t like fishcake.

Kirstin: You used to love fishcakes.

Ella: No I didn’t. I remember having an argument with you at the DLR station in Greenwich, saying I didn’t like fishcakes, because they tasted too fishy.

Kirstin: Ella, you must have been four.  How in the world can you remember the details of an argument from when you were four?

Tom: So were these ones too fishy, Ella?

Ella: *Way* too fishy. The potatoes were yummy, though.

Tom: Miles, did you like the fishcakes?

Miles: Yes! They make my brain feel good.

Tom: Would you like them again?

Miles: Yeah. They will make me make even better stuff, and draw even better stuff.

Ella: The potatoes I had were really sour. I couldn’t eat some of them. It was because they were next to a lemon.

Kirstin: Tom, what did you think?

Tom: That was yum. The fishcakes tasted oddly like beef, I thought. I must have been all that tuna. The salads were a bit mad, though.

Kirstin: I liked the radish-sprout one. The sprouts looked a bit like maggots, which was a laugh. I’ve never had them before. I can understand why Jamie wanted to do it, because it’s vaguely Swedish, with the crispbread. But the salsa was not at all Swedish. It was a bit watery, really. Jamie ought to know that you can’t stick tomatoes in a food processor and expect them to come out anything like a chopped tomato. And why did I have to boil another kettle of water when I never had to do anything with the boiled water. It’s like we were expecting to deliver a baby, you know, boil the water and have lots of towels ready. Guess that’s how he must feel in his house anyway…

Tom: That was a good way to cook new potatoes, though. We should do that again. And I think, with practice, we could have done that in less than 30 minutes.

Kirstin: And the fishcakes were really good. I’ve done a number of fishcake recipes over the years, and this was the easiest. They were a bit too big, though, I thought. You could make six with that quantity of fish, rather than four. I will definitely be making this again without all those superfluous salads though.

“Swedish-style Fishcakes, Roasted Baby New Potatoes, Sprout Salad, Fresh Zingy Salsa” from “30 Minute Meals”

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