“Thai red prawn curry and papaya platter meal” from “30 Minute Meals”

Time taken: 30:38

Anna: We did it!  The penultimate recipe of the month and we finally did it!  I haven’t of course mentioned the 15 minutes it took up front to get everything prepared.

Peter: Yes. I think this recipe benefited from the food processer.  And given it was a stirfry it was always going to create a lot of mess. So the Jamie approach in this case wasn’t as disruptive as other recipes.

Anna: You say that, but I can make a Thai curry in 20 minutes, with a lot less mess.  So in fact this took longer than usual, even if we did hit 30 minutes….

Peter: Aha! But would you also have prepared a cucumber salad and a papaya platter within the same time frame?

Anna: Well no. But did you think those two additional dishes made the meal?

Peter: They weren’t bad. But they also weren’t essential.

Anna: Another brilliant extraneous Jamie dish.  Cut a couple of items of fruit in half lengthwise and put them on a plate with some mint leaves and some yoghurt with lime zest.  Honestly.  I had to get you to chop it up and turn it into a fruit salad in order to eat it.

Peter: Did you notice how he gets you to take every component of the meal to the table in a separate bowl? Is this a ruse to raise sales of the Jamie Oliver (TM) crockery range?  You’d need a table like an airfield to fit everything on it.

Anna: Did you enjoy it though?

Peter: I thought it tasted very authentic. It was nice to have a curry made with fresh curry paste.  Very tasty.

Anna: And the salad? And the platter?

Peter: The salad was a bit wasted really.  And you de-plattered your platter. I know what a papaya tastes like. I don’t need Jamie to present it to me in a different way. I prefer my bananas in other directions than lengthways.

Anna: What about the prawn crackers, which I lovingly poured from the packet into a bowl?

Peter: Presentation was first class. I wouldn’t have noticed if they weren’t there.

Anna: So it was broadly a success, but not worth the mess. I’d be lying if I said I’d make it again.

“Thai red prawn curry and papaya platter meal” from “30 Minute Meals”

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