“Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, crunchy salad, garlic bread and silky chocolate ganache” from Jamie’s 30 minute meals

Time to table just over 34 minutes.

And there’s no conversation for this post, as it’s just me preparing, cooking, eating, tidying up and blogging away tonight.

But first, Jamie, if you’re reading this, my one small request about the next edition of this book would be for you to list the equipment needed for each recipe, especially if every minute needs to be accounted for. A small gripe, I know, but it’s difficult to keep with the flow when having to get more kit out all the time while trying to work to a deadline.

And now a few points before I get to the food. For the record I didn’t make the garlic bread; I wanted to, but then I realised I didn’t have a ciabatta or any flat leaf parsley. Which also obviously affected the sauce too as it needed the flat leaf parsley. Ho hum. And of course, as ever, there were a few sticky issues with the nuts and bolts of this recipe. For a kick off, I like to cook my pasta in an enormous pot and that’s never going to work with Jamie’s method of cooking pasta by adding boiling water. Of course I had to make two kettles-worth which added time to my cooking. But then the pasta took a shorter time to cook than he suggested, so I ended up with half-melted ganaches and had to quickly conjure up some more boiling water to keep them melting. Of course I couldn’t sit down with all that mess around once I had finished eating, but that’s because I am a Virgo. I just wouldn’t have enjoyed the meal and had a quick tidy up before sitting down.

And now for the food. The pasta was jolly lovely and the salad was exactly as he described it. Crunchy. I served mine with a shiraz from New Zealand as opposed to his suggested chilled Valpolicella. I also listened to Bach’s Magnificat to keep that energy level going throughout, singing along as you do. Or as I do when I’m in the kitchen by myself.

The ganache was a great finale to the meal. Chocolatey with just enough orange and went beautifully with the palmiers. Would I make this meal again? No, probably not. It wasn’t special enough to cook for others and I’ve made better Puttanesca sauces from other books. The ganache was a triumph, though, and I might consider making that to go with a quick lunch when entertaining.

“Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, crunchy salad, garlic bread and silky chocolate ganache” from Jamie’s 30 minute meals

4 thoughts on ““Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, crunchy salad, garlic bread and silky chocolate ganache” from Jamie’s 30 minute meals

  1. annastamour says:

    So, how did the Puttanesca fair up to his old recipe from the first book? Or is it the second? That’s the recipe I always use…. Heroic that you cooked this on your own after a full day of work, btw. x

  2. I was disappointed by his puttanesca too! Found a really simple way to make my own palmiers though to serve with the ganache. All you need if puff pastry and brown sugar, but you feel like a baking queen! It also made me smile to hear that they’re known as ‘elephant ears’…

    Love the challenge you’ve set – will be following with interest.

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