“Smoked Salmon”, “Potato Salad”, “Beets and Cottage Cheese”, “Rye Bread and Homemade Butter” from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals

Time taken: 33min 22 secs. (not including prep time)

Anna: Bloody Jamie. He’s gone too far this time.

Kirstin: I love this recipe. I would DEFINITELY make this again. I’d make this every day. For a week.

Anna: What did you like about it so much?

Kirstin: I thought the flavours were great. And, home-made butter.  Even though it took most of that half an hour figuring out how to fit the whisk attachment to the food processor. I would definitely make my own butter again! And it was a joy to take pictures in the daytime. Just a joy with natural daylight.

Anna: What a mess though!

Kirstin: You just put it into the dishwasher! It was fine….

Anna: But if you don’t have a dishwasher, you’ve got a food processor and a whisk and your hands covered in sodding butter. Anyway, tell me about how you draped the salmon in rustic waves…. and the erratically chunked beetroot….

Kirstin: Yeah, nevermind.

Anna: Really, this recipe was just about assembling various pre packed ingredients, with a bit of potato-boiling and butter-making thrown to make look more like cooking. It’s no wonder it only took half an hour.

Kirstin: It was good though, it was yummy!

Anna: I agree, but it was more faff than it needed to be. Honestly.

Kirstin: Well I’d like it again please. I wonder if I should make my own butter again. The cottage cheese!

Anna: It was just cottage cheese, with some seasoning.

Kirstin: And the beetroot with balsamic vinegar!

Anna: Yes. Exactly.  Too much faff.

Kirstin: It was pretty exhausting. Did we win the cuddly toy?

  1. Stephanie said:


    I saw this episode but didn’t get a chance to write down the recipes.

    I’ve since looked on the internet and can’t find the recipes anywhere.

    Does anyone know where I can find this information?


    • Sadly we can’t post recipes as they are under copyright. I would try googling the recipe to see if someone else has put it up on the web. Thanks.

      • Sorry I didnt know.The link above is the printable recipe.It annoys me that other recipes are available but this one for some reason wont come up on his website.I am glad I found it and I have a printed copy of it.

      • I am glad you found it! It’s a wonderful recipe! Enjoy!

  2. Gen said:

    If you can’t find the recipe. See if you can find a copy of the show somewhere on the internet and re-watch it.

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