“Chicken Pie, French-style Peas, Sweet Carrot Smash, Berries, Shortbread & Chantilly Cream” from “30 Minute Meals”

Time taken: 45 minutes

Tom: Well, I think I’m getting the hang of what he means by “30 Minute Meals”.

Kirstin: Yeah. He means “less than an hour”.

Tom: I think what he means is: If you spend 15 minutes getting everything ready first, which we didn’t count, and 15 minutes tidying up, and then you have two people and you train every night for a week, then you can possibly do these recipes in 30 minutes. But you’d need to practise. A lot. So, it’s not impossible. Also, I made the mistake of washing up a few things as we went along. And then we needed them again, because there is quite a lot of recycling of pans etc in this recipe. So, I won’t do that again. But it was quite a lot of food, in not all that much time.

Kirstin: But you know why he has to do it like this: Nigella’s had her Express book, and Nigel’s had his 30-minute book, so he’s trying to do something like that. He can’t use the word “quick” or “express”. But he has set himself up for a fall with the title of this book, is my feeling. That said, this was really good.

Tom: It was. Those other books are quick recipes for a main course, though, and this is 30 minutes for a whole meal, including dessert, and including side dishes too.

Kirstin: It’s interesting how he interleaves them. It’s good to learn how to do that, if you don’t know how to.

Tom: If we did this one again, I’d do the pie and the peas and the dessert, but not bother with the carrots. The pie was great.

Kirstin: We’ll be doing this one again. And he’s really waking me up to the food processor. You just bung it all in! I’ll be using my food processor a lot more. Brilliant!

Tom: I just have to remember not to wash it up as we go along. And there is a mountain of washing up at the end. But this is a real feast.

Kirstin: That’s probably why he had so many children of his own. To help wash up. How many does he have now? Four. Mr Eco. Four kids. Right.

Miles: This chicken is really delicious! But you don’t have to eat the brown bits.

Kirstin: Don’t worry, Miles. You don’t have to eat the crust.

Ella: I prefer the usual chicken pie recipe.

Kirstin: Ah, yes. Nigella’s one. Right, dessert! We haven’t done the cream for the dessert, because we don’t really like cream. You’re supposed to whisk it up and add vanilla essence.

Tom: If we’d done that, we’d have been closer to 50 minutes.

Kirstin: But it’s not bad for a Sunday evening, to get a whole meal done in less than an hour. It would have taken much longer if I’d done it on my own, though. Mmm, this shortbread is good with the berries. Mmmm! And now let’s go and look at Time Team!

“Chicken Pie, French-style Peas, Sweet Carrot Smash, Berries, Shortbread & Chantilly Cream” from “30 Minute Meals”

2 thoughts on ““Chicken Pie, French-style Peas, Sweet Carrot Smash, Berries, Shortbread & Chantilly Cream” from “30 Minute Meals”

  1. Indeed a “30 minute meals” provided that all ingredients are available in the kitchen. I love the meat there in a creamy sauce and mushrooms. Chicken pie is irresistible. It should be ” Delicious meals in an hour”

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