“Pan-fried Hake with Tomato Relish” from “Best Menus”

Tom: So, I was very impressed by the “slow frying” technique here. You put the oil and the fish in a cold pan, and then heat it slowly to stop the fish from curling up. But we couldn’t test this properly because we didn’t have skin on the fillets, and it’s the skin that does the curling up, I think.

Kirstin: I think you’re right. But it was the only kind of hake I could get.

Tom: The relish was quite nice…

Kirstin: I forgot to get coriander…

Tom: …but overall I thought this was one of the less impressive recipes from this book, just because most of them have been so fantastic!

Kirstin: And this is the last recipe. I wanted to do a fish recipe, because we haven’t done any of his fish recipes, and it was the only kind of fish I could get. Oh no, and there are more recipes I wanted to do from this book! Look, a lamb korma! And peppered lamb steaks with cos and asparagus salad!

Tom: You could always… cook from a book other than the book of the month!

(Lightning splits the sky. Sound of thunder.)

Kirstin: That salad looks really nice, too. And we could have tarte fine. And lamb’s lettuce, celery and blue cheese salad? Yum! Oh no! How cool is that! There’s all this stuff we haven’t done!

Tom: Perhaps you could do this book again, in a future month?

(More lightning and thunder. The ground shakes.)

Kirstin: Yes, maybe we could do it in summer. I think this is one of my favourite books we’ve done. Even Bill or Nigella weren’t as good as this. This has been a fantastic book!

(The dead rise from their graves. Volcanoes erupt. The end times begin.)

Tom: So have you changed your mind about Gordon?

Kirstin: No. He’s still an idiot. But he’s employed the right people to produce this cookbook. Oh dear. Will he sue me for saying that? He sues everybody.

“Pan-fried Hake with Tomato Relish” from “Best Menus”

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