“Ricotta Cheesecake and Oranges in Caramel” from “Best Menus”

Kirstin: Oh my god — it worked! But we’re not having the oranges and caramel, because I knew I’d mess up the caramel.

Tom: Why were you surprised that it worked?

Kirstin: Because all of my cakes fail. I am rubbish at cakes. Particularly cheesecakes. Blimey! It really did work!

Kat: I am very anxious to try this cheesecake that worked!

Kirstin (as cake slices perfectly): Look at that! Clever Gordon!

Tom: Was this different from a usual cheesecake recipe?

Kirstin: There is no usual cheesecake recipe, because I don’t make cakes.

Kat: What made you try this one?

Kirstin: Because it looked easy. This one’s a ricotta cheesecake. I had a few technical hitches with it; he says at one point “Bake the base until lightly browned” and that never happened. He then says “Brush egg white on” but it wouldn’t spread around because the base hadn’t baked. But I had a go anyway.

Kat: It has a lovely cream colour!

Patrick: It looks good.

Tom: Mmmm! The base is really soft!

Kat: It tastes a tiny bit lemony.

Kirstin: It has orange zest in it. And Cointreau.

Kat: It has a nice subtle flavour! So what’s the crust?

Kirstin: You mean the base? Digestive biscuits and butter.

Patrick: Digestive?

Kat: Like Graham crackers. We have to translate! It’s very light.

Tom: Mmmm! Yum. So would you do this one again?

Kat: I would definitely eat it again.

Kirstin: I would as well.

Kat: And next time, dare to try the sauce. Think how good it would be?

Kirstin: No! Caramel! That’s just asking for trouble. I would burn it! It would go wrong. And I’m not sure we’d actually eat the oranges.

“Ricotta Cheesecake and Oranges in Caramel” from “Best Menus”

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