“Chocolate Fondant” from “Best Menus”

Kirstin: I had to do this mad thing with the butter. I had to butter the dishes, put them in the fridge for ten minutes, then butter them again, and add some cocoa. It was mad. But it meant it didn’t stick! Good on old Gordon! It was great!

Tom: I think the combination of the slightly bitter chocolate with the sweetness of the ice cream is perfect. It’s great.

Emily: It’s amazingly gooey in the middle.

Frode: Not too gooey, actually. Because sometimes fondants are like hot chocolate inside. So, I agree with my wife’s quality judgement, but opposite on the gooiness.

Emily: So, basically, disagreeing. I’m not angry.

Frode: And not bitter! Which the chocolate was not, either.

Kirstin: It was bloody amazing that. I’d definitely make that again. Easy peasy.

Emily: What’s in it?

Kirstin: Chocolate, butter, egg, sugar.

Emily: How do you make it gooey? Mine was really gooey?

Kirstin: I just did what he said and stuck it in the oven.

Frode: That’s what you do with a recipe, right?

Kirstin: It is! And Gordon’s recipes do work every time. I prepared everything beforehand (he doesn’t say you can do that so I was a little worried) and it still worked. I will so be making this again.

“Chocolate Fondant” from “Best Menus”

2 thoughts on ““Chocolate Fondant” from “Best Menus”

  1. J says:

    I’m getting my laptop wet with drool right now! I have to admit Gordon’s books sound more fun than Nigel Slater’s (which is what I’m cooking from at the mo)

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