“Apple Pudding” from “Best Menus”

Before leaving for the dinner party…

Maureen: I’m making Apple Pudding tonight, but really, I would rather call it Apple Cake. I don’t have it in me to call it Pudding if it’s not pudding, you know what I mean?

Tim: I do. Pudding comes in a box with the name “Jello.”

Maureen: As the original recipe makes a very small cake, and I need to feed six adults and five boys, I’m increasing the quantity by one-and-a-half, so we get a bigger cake to feed everyone. But I also tripled the amount of apples used. The quantity seemed a little mean. So all in all, I would describe this as an Apple Cake that needed more apples, along with everything else. Also, there will be a lot of Americans at the party; we’re all about the big portions.

Later, at the party.

Ed: So you’re blogging about this, then?

Maureen: Yes, don’t be nervous. I promise to put you in a good light.

Ed: It’s exquisite!

Maureen: Nicely said. Also, I should tell you that I went slightly off piste on this recipe, though I often do that when cooking so this is not new. I had to use Chambord Liqueur rather than Calvados.

Jocelyn: Why did you do that?

Maureen: They didn’t have Calvados at the Cooperative, but we had Chambord at home, leftover from another dessert I made last month. I did buy a flask of brandy at the Cooperative, figuring that would do the job. But when I got home and took one whiff of the brandy, I put it away. It smelled awful, like cough syrup. I figure that wouldn’t be a hit with the boys, but the raspberry liquor would be.

David: To be fair to the Cooperative, Calvados can be difficult to find. I’m not sure what you expected when you bought a bargain brandy at the Cooperative.

Maureen: From a design point of view, the Chambord has a prettier bottle. Who can deny a crown bottle top?

Jocelyn: It’s fantastic.

Victoria: Yes, it’s very nice.

Tim: You know what might be nice though? If it were a crumble, rather than a cake.

(After laughing hysterically) Maureen: It seems as though every time I make something you say, this is nice, be it would be better if you did it differently.

Tim: That’s not true!

Jocelyn: He’s just trying to be controversial, for the blog.

Maureen: I think it’s just attention seeking. For those of us not looking for some crumble, let’s have some more.

“Apple Pudding” from “Best Menus”

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