“Salmon with pak choi and shiitake” from “Best Menus”

Tom: Mmm! What’s in this sauce?

Kirstin: Which sauce? Do you mean the paste on the top of the salmon?

Tom: Yes. Has it got peanut butter in it? It tastes like satay.

Oscar the cat: Mwoaaaow!

Tom: Ah, Oscar. Fancy seeing you here.

Kirstin: No, it has miso paste in it, amongst other things.

Tom: Well, it’s yum.

Kirstin: It is, isn’t it? Gordon got his timings wrong, though. The first recipe he’s got wrong with the timings. The salmon had to be cooked for double the length of time he said: 14 minutes instead of seven.

Tom: Well, it was yum.

Kirstin: And the mushrooms with pak choi were nice, weren’t they?

Tom: Indeed. Has Bill Granger’s salmon recipe been dethroned? I think it might have!

Kirstin: What’s nice about this is that you can prepare it quite easily in different stages: the paste to go on the salmon, then the vegetables and the sauce, and then I went bish-bosh with the vegetables and put the fish in the oven. I would make this one again!

Tom: Perhaps we could alternate between this one and Bill’s?

Kirstin: This is a nice change from the Bill one. The miso paste is a bit of a bugger to find, though.

Oscar (finishing his salmon): Mwaaaaoooooaow!

Tom: Absolutely.

“Salmon with pak choi and shiitake” from “Best Menus”

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