“Chicken Tikka Masala” and “Easy Tiramisu” from “Best Menus”

Kirstin: Welcome Maureen! Now that Anna is working much too hard, it’s great that you can step in as special guest blogger!

Maureen: Thanks Kirstin. I am very excited to be typing and eating, though not simultaneously.

Kirstin: It’s been known…

Maureen: That’s true, but you didn’t know me at university. So what did we think?

Kirstin: We liked that. I got to use my new Kenwood Tri-Blade piece of kit (thank you, Annika).

Maureen: I love new kit!

Kirstin: And it was just the right amount of spicy. What did you think, Maureen?

Maureen: I liked that it was relatively easy. It seemed better than opening a jar.

Kirstin: It was quite creamy…

Maureen: That comes from the yoghurt at the end.

Kirstin: Would you make it again? Yeah, I would, with my photo-fit Gordon.

Maureen: I would give it a try. I was thinking with this cookbook (with the tri-pages), you could do a Gordon Ramsay roulette, and then just open it to three different pages. But then I did it, and opened it up to Calves Livers….

Kirstin: Oh no! Grim! Truly grim!! Was that a summer recipe?

Maureen: No, it was winter. But I don’t think I’m brave enough to try Gordon Roulette again.

Maureen: Now on to dessert. Easy Tiramisu.

Kirstin: This is Really Yum!

Maureen: This is delicious.

Kirstin: This is even better than Rachel O’ Rachel!

Maureen: No. Sacrilege!! (Pause to shovel two more mouthfuls in)

Kirstin: I don’t even like cream.

Maureen: This would be good for a dinner party because you could make it in advance, and then leave it in the refrigerator.

Kirstin: And easy, too.

Maureen: Would you make it again?

Kirstin: Yes, but I probably wouldn’t put in so much alcohol the next time, though that was my mistake.

Maureen: Dunno. Maybe the alcohol made it all the more nice. I would make this again, maybe even tomorrow.

“Chicken Tikka Masala” and “Easy Tiramisu” from “Best Menus”

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