“Gordon’s Italian Meatballs” from “Best Menus”

Georgia (aged 10): Gordon Ramsay? He’s terrible! He swears!

Ella (aged 10): Is he a Goron?

Tom: No. He is nothing to do with the Legend of Zelda.

Miles (aged 5): What did one pig say to the other?

Ella: I know, I know! He said: Can we be pen pals?

Kirstin: So, what did we think of the meatballs?

Georgia: They were amazing! Delicious! We helped to make them. Ella said it was like play-doh, only gross. And then we rolled them in flour.

Ella: When we were making them, it was squishy in our hands, and it squeezed out between our fingers. You had to roll them out to the size of a walnut, and then cover them in flour. Then they looked like golf-balls, because they were all white.

Tom: I thought the meatballs were yum, but I wanted the sauce to be a bit more liquid.

Kirstin: Well, that might have been me rather than Gordon. But, look, they all ate some.

Tom: You’re right. We should make this again.

Georgia; Definitely, I loved this! Yum!

“Gordon’s Italian Meatballs” from “Best Menus”

2 thoughts on ““Gordon’s Italian Meatballs” from “Best Menus”

  1. Sounds you would definitely recommend the book? Just looked it up (to add to my pile of unused recipe books) and it’s only £8 on amazon so very tempted after such glowing reviews from you.

  2. tomstandage says:

    Yes, this book has changed our view of Gordon. It’s not all swearing and fiddly French food. Of course, he hasn’t really written this book, but has got someone else to do it for him. But we like it very much, for the layout as well as the recipes.

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