Ginger Chocolate Cheesecake

Tom: Wow! This is great! Much lighter than I expected it to be. Great stuff, Gordon McGordon!

Maureen: Mmmm! Delicious! Let me see the recipe. It’s interesting that he used fromage frais rather than cream cheese.

Kirstin: Maureen is a real baker

Tim: I wouldn’t have thought it was a cheesecake. It’s closer to a tart, for me. I think of cheesecake, and I think of… cheese!

Kirstin: If it had said tart, I would not have made it. Because I am rubbish at making tarts.

Tim: American cheesecakes are dense, with cream cheese…

Maureen: A tart would have a thick base.

Kirstin: It has a base made of stem ginger biscuits, but it’s incredibly thin.

Tim: I think it’s debatable that this is a cheesecake. And what else is in there?

Maureen: Mascarpone, fromage frais, eggs, castor sugar and stem ginger.

Tim: I guess that does sound like a cheesecake. But maybe it’s an American thing. When I think of cheesecake I think of a New York cheesecake, which is really thick.

Kirstin: And laden with calories.

Tim: Which is why I stopped eating them!

Kirstin: More, anybody?

Maureen: Yes!

Tom: Yes, I’d love some more!

Kirstin: Good old Gordon, eh?

Maureen: Gordon or his home economist. Or whoever actually writes the recipe. Because it sure as hell isn’t Gordon.

Kirstin: I’d make that again. It was really easy. And I’d never used the fan setting on my oven before?

Maureen: What? But when you bake, you want to use the fan setting!

Kirstin: That will be why my baking never works, then. I wasn’t sure if ginger and chocolate was going to work, but it was nice.

Maureen: It was! You just have to trust the recipe.

Kirstin: But I’d never tried one of his dessert recipes before so I was a bit panicked. But it worked out.

Tom: Yum! Seconds!

Ginger Chocolate Cheesecake

2 thoughts on “Ginger Chocolate Cheesecake

  1. Peter St-Amour says:

    Sounds good. What’s the taste balance of ginger to chocolate? More ginger nut biscuit than chocolate pudding would you say? I’d be keen to test drive this tart.

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