“Garlic and herb pork chops”, “Fluffy mashed potato” and “Buttered courgettes” from “Entertaining at Home”

Tom: Well, that was a different mashed potato recipe from the usual one.

Kirstin: We don’t normally do mashed potatoes, do we?

Tom: We don’t normally do carbs.

Kirstin: We do a little bit of carbs. The mash had a secret ingredient! Can you tell what it is yet?

Tom: It is something that doesn’t quite look like Mickey Mouse? I give up.

Kirstin: It was egg white! I had to put it in at the end. And there was all this business about how she likes to steam her potatoes, and not just boil them. I had to boil the potatoes for ten minutes, unpeeled; then I had to take some water out and boil them for another 20 minutes. Then I had to take the peel off, mash them, add some boiled milk and butter, and add an egg white right at the end.

Tom: So it was more work than usual, but it was very good mash.

Kirstin: It was, but it was a full-time job. The nice thing is that you can make them before and then leave them in the oven. So you could actually use it for entertaining.

Tom: Which is the idea of this book, which looks rather good to me.  Tell me again, who is this woman and where has she sprung from?

Kirstin: She’s Rachel Allen. She’s Oirish. She does a lot of morning TV. Before we started cooking from this book I’d made had her roast beef before! Remember, when I got that half a cow?

Tom: Er… which book was that from?

Kirstin: I can’t remember. One of her other books. I’m not cooking it again, though. It was very expensive, half a cow.

Tom: Well the pork chops were good too. I liked the way she said to blacken them in the griddle pan and then bung it in the oven.

Kirstin: And they had balsamic vinegar on them. They’ve been marinating all day.

Tom: Ah, that explains why I liked them so much! The fat was lovely and crunchy. And the courgettes didn’t sound terribly exciting, but they were great too! Just slightly browned.

Kirstin: I didn’t use butter, I used olive oil. Scooping out their insides was a little over the top, but anyway.

Tom: Is that allowed?

Kirstin: Yes, she said you could.

Tom: Well I’ve enjoyed this month’s cooking with Rachel o’Rachel.  But I’ll leave the official verdict to you and Anna!

“Garlic and herb pork chops”, “Fluffy mashed potato” and “Buttered courgettes” from “Entertaining at Home”

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