“Roast duck legs”, “Lentils with red wine”, “Braised chicory” and “Gin and tonic sorbet” from “Entertaining at Home”

Kirstin: Did you like it, Toby?

Toby: Yes. I did. What was the duck recipe?

Kirstin: You bung it in the oven with some salt and pepper on. For an hour. It’s the “easiest recipe ever” or something, she says.

Tom: It’s not really a recipe if you don’t have to do anything.

Toby: But you taste the duck, rather than the sauce. It tasted kind-of fried. Simple!

Kirstin: I’d definitely do that again. But duck legs aren’t ever big enough. They get smaller.

Nancy: But duck legs are so tasty. It’s just the right amount.

Oliver: In that case, you’re not getting much Christmas dinner. I will have lots of goose, and you will have ‘just the right amount’.

Kirstin: What did you think of the lentils?

Oliver: I thought they weren’t as good as Jamie’s lentils, which have bacon and rosemary in them. And this uses wine and not vinegar. So this is a recipe like one you know and use a lot. So you see it in terms of the difference with the one you know. That’s a bit unfair. I think you only splash the vinegar in right at the end. With the fresh olive oil. I like that recipe a lot. It makes me happy.

Viv: I have to “duck” out of this blog because I can’t smell anything today because of my cold. I loved the salad because I could taste the garlic!

Kirstin: There was some discussion about whether the chicory was too bitter or not.

Oliver: It wasn’t. There was some discussion, but the people on the other side of the argument were wrong. Chicory should be a very sharp taste, and very buttery. I liked it.

Nancy: It was very soft.

Oliver: You could put a bit of parmesan on chicory…

Nancy: What was the cheese on the salad?

Kirstin: That was garlic. Raw garlic. Don’t tell my patients tomorrow.

Nancy: Have you ever eaten raw garlic as a cure for a cold? At one point your mouth just goes incredibly numb.

Oliver: It’s more public health than medicine. If everyone with a cold doses themselves with raw garlic, they won’t pass it on.

Tom: And the sorbet? You had seconds, Oliver.

Oliver: I thought it was absolutely terrific. I might be tempted to experiment with a mixture of lime and lemon, rather than just lemon, and possibly garnish it with a very thin strip of cucumber, a spiral.

Kirstin: Like a cocktail, then?

Oliver: Possibly. Another thing would be to try it with the saffron gin they make in France. It’s bloody brilliant!

“Roast duck legs”, “Lentils with red wine”, “Braised chicory” and “Gin and tonic sorbet” from “Entertaining at Home”

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