“Steak au Poivre” from “Entertaining at Home”

Kirstin: It was a cold and snowy day…

Tom: Don’t you mean a cold and stormy night?

Kirstin: No. A cold and snowy day. And I fancied sharing a bottle of red wine and having steak. So on the way home I bought some steak.

Tom: And lo, it was yum. The sauce was creamy, but it had these lovely cracked peppercorns in it. Yum!

Kirstin: I had to sieve the cracked peppercorns, because she says if you have the powder as well, it becomes too hot. And I guess her steaks were smaller, so I had to double the amount of sauce. And I used rum instead of brandy. I set the alarm off in Marks & Spencer with these steaks!

Tom: Why?

Kirstin: Because they have tags on the steak in Marks & Spencer. And the woman at the counter didn’t untag it. So it looked like I was stealing the steak.

Tom: Ah, yes. Well, it’s not just any steak. It’s fancy steak. I particularly liked the way you did the spinach, too — you just microwaved it in the bag!

Kirstin: That wasn’t in the book. Nor were the mushrooms. I thought a bit of garlic and lemon juice would be good with them.

Tom: Ooga ooga! Well, this was a great way to do steak.

Kirstin: Shall I do it again? Do we like Rachel Allen?

Tom: Yes and yes.

“Steak au Poivre” from “Entertaining at Home”

4 thoughts on ““Steak au Poivre” from “Entertaining at Home”

  1. Georgia says:

    I do spinach like that allllll the time. Yum. And I also set the alarm off in M&S Simply Food at the BP petrol station allll the time. I just wave, smile and walk out.
    I’ve eaten a ton of cheese and black pudding.

  2. Saeeda Sanowar-Rodger says:

    I thinks this sounds delicious. Will maybe do something similar for my sister in law. (If she makes it from Glasgow through the Arctic hinterland that is central Scotland.)

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