“Tender” Volumes I and II – our verdict

Anna: You have been waiting for this day all month, haven’t you Kirstin?

Kirstin: Hmmm. Maybe….

Anna: When exactly did you stop cooking from these books again?

Kirstin: I can’t even begin to think about it. Taking those expensive, heavy books down from the shelf made me feel sick. I kept searching for recipes with meat, but of course it was One Man and his Vegetable Patch.

Anna: I wanted to like these books. They were my first Nigel books. But perhaps unfairly, due to my extreme work circumstances they were the wrong books for me this month.

Kirstin: They were just the wrong books altogether, which is a shame because I’ve been raving to you about how wonderful Nigel is. But unless you have a garden full of vegetables and fruit, I would leave these books on the bookshop shelf.

Anna: But a lot of people do have allotments. I preferred the vegetable book to be fair, it had more potential. The issue with book 2 was that most of the chapters were redundant for November because most of the fruit were out of season. But I did like the pork chops with pears although there were no carbohydrates.

Kirstin: But he has a whole chapter on potatoes, surely?

Anna: Perhaps. I also liked the squid with chinese greens thing.

Kirstin: Bottom line. Would you ever take it off your shelf. Presuming you don’t injure yourself in the process…

Anna: Honestly, I don’t think so. I want to. But maybe when I have an allotment or I’m not working 56 hour weeks.

Kirstin: He’s staying on the shelf for me. Sorry Nigel. I love all of your books except these two.

“Tender” Volumes I and II – our verdict

3 thoughts on ““Tender” Volumes I and II – our verdict

  1. Peter says:

    Hurray for December! The recipies did look nice on paper and the books themselves give the impression of a weight of work, but the food was always so grey and seemed to suck the life out of you. Almost like the effort that Nigel went into growing the vegetables in the first place was mandatory in the eating of them too.

  2. Katrin says:

    As a proud owner of an allotment I found veg book good when facing a glut and getting bored of the standard recipes but even I drew the line at the fruit book. I also agree that many of the dishes seemed more like sides than a main dish.

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