“Squid with greens and basil” from “Tender Volume I”

Peter: I thought this dish tasted of Thailand.

Anna: In a good way?

Peter: Well, I don’t think there’s any bad Thai flavours.

Anna: Unlike Nigel, we didn’t grow the choi sum in our garden.  We foraged it at See Woo.

Peter: I’m disappointed we didn’t get some frozen chicken feet while we were there.

Anna: You helped with the chopping tonight which made preparing this very easy indeed.  It’s proper quick too, once the greens have been blanched which adds a step I might not have otherwise taken. We didn’t have any rice because I thought the volume of greens and squid would be filling enough.

Peter: I agree, it was fairly substantial in its own right.  We put some extra tenderstem broccoli in as well so that helped.

Anna: Would you like rice next time?

Peter: You know, I think I can cope without.

Anna: I may well add this to my squid recipe repetoire.  As long as going to the local Chinese cash and carry features in that week’s shop. You win some, you lose some with Nigel…….

“Squid with greens and basil” from “Tender Volume I”

2 thoughts on ““Squid with greens and basil” from “Tender Volume I”

  1. Katrin says:

    Don’t even have a squid repertoire! Feel very unadvanced. I have, however, been harvesting my own pak choi this autumn. And over cooking them.

    1. annastamour says:

      I love squid. I love the taste, it’s cheap as chips and it has virtually no calories! Everyone should have a squid repetoire…. Nigel suggests also growing Gai Lan and something else which I like more than pak choi. Darker, like a combination of spincah and tenderstem broccoli. Yum.

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