“A simple stew of onions, beer and beef” from “Tender Volume I”

Kirstin: I was quite excited about using Trappist beer in a recipe! Two bottles! But I failed on many levels. I didn’t have the right cut of beef, I had small onions, not large, and apple jelly — where does one find apple jelly? You make an apple sauce, but apple jelly needs to go in with the beef? I couldn’t find any.

Tom: Well, I thought the apple sauce went rather well with the stew.

Kirstin: It did, didn’t it? I wouldn’t normally go for that sort of thing.

Tom: You know what this means. It’s example of meat going well with fruit!

Kirstin. No. No! I am not interested in tajines with apricot. Sultanas and meat? Bog off! And I am not interested in stewed prunes and duck. No way.

Tom: And I will never, not ever, eat a tomato?

Kirstin: I like tomatoes, though.

Tom: I think you mean moonsquirters. Anyway, this stew was very nice. Was it a huge fiddle?

Kirstin: No… I just don’t need to make it again. I want to do Bill Granger recipes again! I miss nice, tasty recipes. Why did we ever choose these books? They were such expensive books, too. Big mistake. Bring back Nigella! Bill, where are you? All is forgiven!

Tom: Well, on a cold day like today, it was very hearty and warming. And it looks like a lot of onions, but actually it was great. We had no carbs, of course, just a bean and tomato salad.

Kirstin: He wanted crusty bread. Bread is for girls. But there was enough butter in there. For a legion.

Tom: This is a bit like my mum’s stew. Beef stew. Which she always served with boiled potatoes. Not peeled, but sliced. I always thought they were hopeless for mopping up the gravy, and would have much preferred bread. But it was my dad’s favourite. Of course, now I have no interest in bread.

Kirstin: You know what the problem with this book is? I don’t grow my own vegetables, and I don’t care about vegetables in my garden.  This is my least favourite Nigel book. Look at the size of it! You’d think there would be one good recipe in it. I mean, open it anywhere! “A dish of lettuce for deepest summer”? Bog off! “Zucchini on the grill”. What’s that! This is a book of side dishes! It’s not a book of things you can eat for dinner! “Carrot and coriander fritters”? No! This is “One man and his veg!” Dear, oh dear. I think I might go and do the recipes I didn’t have time for in Bill and Nigella’s books at this rate…..how did he manage to write this many words on fruit and veg, that’s what I want to know….OK, I’m going to stop ranting now….

“A simple stew of onions, beer and beef” from “Tender Volume I”

6 thoughts on ““A simple stew of onions, beer and beef” from “Tender Volume I”

  1. Nick says:

    What cut did you use? The only cut I use for stewing nowadays is shin which is so cheap it’s funny. The result is alway flaky and moist and full of flavour…I cook low heat for about 3 hours.

    When are we going Roman by the way?

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